Ute RC Association

Participate in our regular club meetings, held on the second Thursday of the month (except for December), where you can show off your current projects, view presentations on many aspects of model aviation, & participate in the direction the club is headed. They are held at the Murray Heritage Senior Center (10 E 6150 South, One block West of State Street)


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Regular Activities

We have pilots who fly on a regular basis. Come join us for our regularly scheduled activities.


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Club Officers

This is the crew that keeps it all going.
Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson


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James Baer

James Baer

Vice President

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Keith Hiatt

Keith Hiatt


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Tom Winter

Tom Winter

Safety Officer

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Ed Stimpson

Sam Fidler

Sam Fidler

Newsletter Editor


Our Covid-19 Plan

Our club officers are in mutual agreement that there is no direct risk associated with flying RC aircraft at our club field while there is some risk with personal interaction at the field. With this Read more…