Our club officers are in mutual agreement that there is no direct risk associated with flying RC aircraft at our club field while there is some risk with personal interaction at the field. With this in mind we have decided to follow the same course that other clubs in the state have taken.

The field will remain open to club members with all the same rules and procedures in effect. In addition to them we ask that you follow the bellow listed precautions.

  1. If you are sick or have been exposed to suspected Covid-19 patients don’t come to the field for 14 days.
  2. Spread out the vehicles in the parking area.
  3. Practice Physical Distancing and do not handle other people’s equipment. This can be difficult as we assist each other with radios and planes.
  4. Spread out pilots on the flight line. Suggest only 2-3 pilots at a time.
  5. Bring cleaning spray such as 70% alcohol for flat surfaces. Latest guidelines specify 70%
  6. Bring and use hand sanitizers.
  7. Consider flying at slack times. Those with weakened immune systems should avoid busier times.
  8. Practice hand sanitation when opening and closing the gate locks.

All club meetings and activities have been canceled for the month of April. In addition, the Wings over the Wasatch air show at Hill AFB has also been canceled.

Please refer to this web site for future announcements as the situation changes.

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