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    Hi, I’m Sam and I’m an RC addict.

    I built plastic models by the dozens as a kid; almost all warbirds. For decades I’ve glanced over at the RC plane wall of the local hobby store and dreamed about a day when I would be buying parts off that wall.

    I also have a teammate from the Army who lives in St. George and has been building RC planes all his life. He’s been sharing his creations and flights on Facebook for years and I’ve always watched in envy until I stopped by the hobby shop he runs (I’m sure it’s just to keep himself in supply with parts) and asked him what I needed to get started. I finally took his advice in August of 2018 and bought an Apprentice.

    Christmas of that year provided me with a FourStar 40 which I built and wrecked and rebuilt. Of course, it’s in warbird colors.

    I’ve just picked up a Balsa USA 1/6 scale Sopwith Pup and it shouldn’t take too long to put together. The FourStar only took me about 45 hours of construction time over Christmas vacation.

    As a railroad conductor I am on call all the time with no set schedule which gives me plenty of time off during the work week. So, you can find me flying with the Dawn Patrol on the Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays that I’m not working.

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