Fwd: Comment Now on FAA DOT Proposed UAS Registration.

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I believe this has the potential to become a really terrible situation if
the government is allowed to require all our planes to be registered.
Please use the link below to submit comments to the FAA and DOT regarding
this proposed mandatory model aircraft registration.

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By now, nearly everyone should be aware that the FAA and DOT are
considering requiring registration of some sUAS and have created a task
force to help develop that process.

As part of these efforts, the DOT and FAA have asked for public input on
the issue and have identified 10 questions in the document titled
"Clarification of the Applicability of Aircraft Registration Requirements
for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Request for Information Regarding
Electronic Registration for UAS" that can be found at

AMA asks that its members review the questions and offer comments. The
government website for this project is cumbersome and only allows a person
to either type comments into a text box or to upload a file. To help,
however, we are offering suggested comments to the questions we feel would
impact our membership the most. Feel free to provide your own comments on
the registration of model aircraft. We want the DOT to know your thoughts
on registration, whether you think its beneficial and necessary to ensure
for safe operation in the National Airspace System (NAS) or state any
objections or limits you would have to a registration process. Discuss any
concerns you might have or suggestions with establishing thresholds of who
or what should be exempted from registration and what method of
registration would you favor.

If you prefer, you can paste these comments directly into the response box.
It's important that you submit your comments by November 6, 2015. Comments
offered after this date will still be accepted, but might not carry as much
weight as those submitted by the deadline.

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