2016-08-13 UteRC Fly'n Eat

On Saturday morning, the UteRC club held its Fun Fly at the Lake Point field. The day was rounded out with hot dogs, chips, and drinks when the wind picked up and the temperature soared.

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Gerhard Roos' Adrenaline Rush pylon racer that Gerhard scaled up 3x from Stevens AeroModel plans for the smaller park flier version.

Gerhard launches his Adrenaline Rush pylon racer.

New member, Carlos Melendez, flying his white DJI Phantom 4 quad.
Carlos' DJI Phantom quad watches us with its gimbaled camera.

Carlos shows off the sophisticated electronics aboard the Phantom by turning his back on the quad knowing it will not drift closer than a safe distance from the Tx he is holding.

From a higher altitude, Carlos' DJI Phantom shot this image of the flight line.
In a close-up from the same image are Carlos Melendez & Ed Stimpson standing at the flight-line fence.

A frame from a movie by the Phantom shows Carlos' car as the drone circled and tracked the Tx in his car while Carlos was driving on the dike road toward Lake Point. These three images courtesy of Carlos Melendez, CEO of WhatTheHeli.com

Carlos Melendez' Yuneec Typhoon H hexacopter. With its shadow it kinda looks like a big spider with extra legs.

Gerhard Roos readying his PteroWorks 56" Pterodactyl for flight,

Gerhard launching his Pterodactyl.

Gerhard's Pterodactyl in flight.

A low flying medical evacuation helicopter intrudes in our field's airspace.

Aaron Greer tunes up his Escapade 40 sport plane.

Aaron's Escapade 40 takes to the air.

Aaron Loertscher's beautiful gas powered P-51.

Paul Jones helps Aaron tune his P-51.

Paul Jones makes a final needle valve adjustment then waits to launch Aaron's P-51.

Aaron's P-51 begins its roll and then lifts off.

Aaron lands the P-51 to make another mixture adjustment.

Jeff Hansen's E-flite Apprentice in flight, clearly with the S.A.F.E. stabilization turned off.

Gerhard Roos was having problems with his Kadet-like plane of unknown heritage so he didn't fly it.

A malfunctioning tail wheel was the reason Gerhard decided not to fly his plane.

Paul Jones' makes a wild take off with his Swizzle Stick pylon racer.

Heli fan, Tony Naef, brings out his conventional Tower Hobbies Skylane, a popular foamie from the 72MHz era.

Tony's Skylane in flight, but it ran into mud on landing and damaged the nose gear.

Tony inspecting the damage to his Skylane.

Tony fires up his nitro powered Raptor 30 for some practice flying at the East end of the field. He was practicing brief losses of power and recovery, but accidentally chopped the throttle instead of advancing it to recover and the Raptor crashed.

Gerhard Roos launches his Pterodactyl for another flight.

Another shot of the Pterodactyl as a bird of prey in flight.

The Pterodactyl coming in for a landing. The park flier is designed for belly landing on grass and has no landing gear - or should I say legs and feet.

Without a landing gear the Pterodactyl tends to stick its beak in the dirt when landing at our unpaved field.

Thank you all for bringing your planes to fly and providing interesting action for the day. - Ed

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