New model port.

Very good news. Going to plan on being there. Being it`s on a weekday is still better than not having it at all.
I know the officers are planning to have the multiple news medias . This has to make the news and let out by the news a day before it happens.
So people can plan to attend.
Not like so much of their coverage of events that get reported after they happened that day.
Being it`s a week day and later afternoon can give some people a chance to attend. A weekend day would solve many people's choice to be there..

Just a FYI. I know some of you already would say let it be on weekend!
On another point. Sunset on Nov2, 2016 is 6:22 pm./ At 6:00 it is fairly dark. That with a 3:45 start.
As things can develop the event my run into darkness . Free flying could be very limited or no time for such.
Static material could also run into darkness. When leaders cut the ribbon - I wouldn't think flying activity would be available beforehand.
Then again a weekend day could start around noon.

This event is an event a long time coming. And it is what it is. I don't know this, But if any of the club officers have the ability to
Talk with the city on the date and time. Would the Weekend Day and Time even be an option,
If not-So be it- let`s go fly and have fun.

See You There.

Jim Buck

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