2016-11-10 UteRC Meeting

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Doug Dorton's new Hobby King Tundra bush plane with floats, he calls it a "flying ice chest" because the cabin is so large. It has a 90-degree down flap position to act as an airbrake on landing. It features easy magnetic hatch access fore and aft of the wing on top of the fuselage, but hard tires make bouncy landings.

A Hangar 9 P-51 that Dean Allen bought and is rebuilding. The original ESC was faulty and dropped the BEC power to the Rx on Dean's first flight. With loss of control, the P-51 crashed destroying the fuselage forward of the cockpit. Dean is almost done building another fuselage shown here undecorated. Good job, Dean, restoring a beautiful model.

Steve Wilson's Multiplex Stunt Master semi-profile foamy indoor aerobatic plane.

Aaron Loertscher talked about the history and various types of 3D printing. He described the software process of going from drawing to printer commands. While he talked, his Dremel 3D printer was busy making a part in PLA plastic.

Tony Naef's Thunder Tiger Titan X50 helicopter he built from a kit of a "bazillion" parts. Shown here are a good share of those parts assembled into the rotor head.

Tony Naef's Tower Hobbies P-51 electric foamie.

Tony Naef describes the Thunder Tiger helicopter kit and the myriad of parts, all bagged and labeled that made it relatively easy to build.

Tony shows his Tower Hobbies P-51 electric foamie and describes his rather exciting, but successful first flight.

Ray Jones brought a great Swizzle Stick that he completed from Aaron's set of parts during the club build activity when Aaron was too busy with his club duties to participate. Ray claimed he did it to get rid of the parts that were getting in his way, but probably it was just his way of saying "Thank You" to Aaron for his leadership of the club this past year. Thank you Ray!

Carlos Melendez, describes a suitcase monitor and how it can display in-flight video from his drone.

Steve Wilson shows off his Multiplex Stunt Master near profile foamie aerobatic plane. It was easy to assemble and install the carbon fiber bracing.

Aaron Loertscher shows his rebuild of a Slow Stick into a heavy stick from all the patches.

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