Moving to CA...

Dear club-mates,

Well, it's for real: I'm moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. I am working at a fantastic opportunity, and I have to reduce & de-clutter my life over the next six months so that I'm not trying to move way too much stuff!

I have a kind of embarrassingly-large collection of model aircraft I don't fly anymore or never built, from Q500 pylon racers and other high-speed aircraft to trainers, sailplanes, and micro-helicopters.

It's time to pay things forward.

I'd like to donate a number of my aircraft to the Ute R/C Association to give away in a manner you see fit, in honor of the several extremely generous members who helped me out over the past fourteen years since I first joined the UTE R/C Association. You know who you are; you helped me out even though I didn't show enough gratitude and was too poor to afford enjoy the hobby!

Many are flyable. Some have a little bird shit on them from a particularly-persistent family of starlings who insisted on pecking new ways into my barn repeatedly. Several are kits/ARF. A few are, uh... "re-kits"... probably will just part those out rather than trying to give them away.

Where should I drop off the best (and not-best-but-well-loved) of my collection for my Ute brothers & sisters to give away to some deserving parties in coming flying seasons?

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