2017-02-09 UteRC Meeting & The New Feature

Let's begin with a few photos from "UteRC Events and Modelers from the Past." These are historical photos and commentary that Jan Hyde has generously provided for our enjoyment.

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Clyde R. (Bud) Pannier R.I.P. Born 1930, Died Jun 2012 Age 82.
Bud was a modeler from the late 40s, and a member of the Utah Aeromodelers. I met Bud when the UA and the Ute R/C Club were splitting up in the late 1960s. Bud had more model aircraft than any modeler I have known then or now! The image illustrates one corner of Bud's shop. The opposite corner had nearly as many as shown. His garage had 20 plus more and his alternate home in St. George housed 30 plus more aircraft. He was a good friend.

Jan Hyde and Bob West at the old Morton Salt Flats area on the day I met Bob in the mid 1970s. Bob asked me if I flew. I believe I said, "Sorta". He had this quarter scale Eindecker 3 kitted by Chuck Cunningham, a columnist of the defunct model magazine RCM. Bob was new to flying then and hollered for help at some point. I jammed the marvelous Mediterranean Italian Deli sandwich I was devouring into my pocket, took the TX and brought the Eindecker in. It was the first Q-scale aircraft I'd flown. It was an honor to fly it. I learned then, the bigger they are, the better they fly! And, yes I finished that great sandwich. Bob built that Eindecker to take to the 2nd Annual Quarter Scale Aircraft Association (QSAA) fly-in at Eldorado Dry Lake 1977-78. The lake bed is beside US-95 Southwest of Boulder City, Nevada.
In the first image the aircraft is facing north across the flats. The second photo is looking Southeast at the pit area of the old Morton Salt Flats field.

Mike Passey recounts "The Great Wendover Race of 1979" - People in the picture from left to right are: Bob West (holding the plane), Wayne Savage (in the truck), Mike Passey (age 12), DK (giving the thumbs up). Bob and Wayne took turns flying the plane while sitting in the back of the truck. I was the spotter and navigator, responsible for following the many pages of notes on safe places to land & refuel and land marks to avoid. For example, I would call out 'Get ready here comes an overpass.' or 'Coming up in about 2 miles should be a safe place to land'.

DK drove the truck. The airplane had extra fuel tanks installed that could keep it flying for about 30 minutes. Fully fueled the airplane would barely lift off the ground. We were stocked up with gallons of RC fuel and extra batteries for the plane and transmitter because the travel time was going to be 2 hours of flying. One of the teams had their airplane fly away when the battery lost power and it headed out over the salt flats and kept going and going. I don’t think they got it back. Before heading back to Salt Lake we all met at a diner to eat and discuss our adventures during the trip.

Bob West comments; "It was taken close to the first gas station you come to flying west into Wendover. The year was 1979 when I was president of the Ute R/C Club. I think we were the only team to complete the flight. It took us all day. The wind was blowing really hard...15 to 20 mph. When we'd turn to go west the plane would get blown north and then you'd have to spend time driving it back to course west".

Bob West further commented at the club meeting that as they approached one overpass, the plane had, what he thought, was plenty of altitude to clear the overpass, but just at the truck went under the bridge, Bob realized the plane was too low. A second or two of panic, but on the far side of the overpass there was the plane still in the air and apparently clearing the bridge by less that two feet! Whew!

And now the UteRC Meeting photos from Feb. 9, 2017.

Reg Welles' scratch built, 1/9th scale, electric powered, Supermarine Mk IX Spitfire.

A Kadet LT-40 that has seen many club owners, currently in Evan Higgins' possession, that uses a linkage from the steerable nose wheel to control the water rudder.

President, Aaron Greer, offers Ray Jones a color chip book for WWII planes in appreciation of Ray building a Swizzle Stick for Aaron when Aaron was too busy with presidential duties to attend the club build event last year.

Ray Jones peruses his new color chip book while Bob West and Paul Jones pay attention to the meeting.

Aaron Greer shows off some proposed monogramed clothing for club members.

Safety Officer, Mario Valencia, gives a talk on LiPo battery charging & storage safety and how to get the most out of those batteries.

Aaron Greer describes a small router bit for a Dremel for cutting pockets in wing panels for servos or retracts. That's a picture of Aaron's week-old baby boy, and future RC flyer, in the background.

Evan Higginsen describes some features of a Kadet LT-40 that has been passed around amongst members for many years, one of over 17 planes he claims he has ready to fly for the 2017 season. You are way ahead of us Evan.

Rick Marshall describes the model cradle he designed, built, and mounted on a folding stand he found at Harbor Freight. The fuselage supports can be folded flat to the table, and the table can be slipped off the stand for more compact storage.

Detail of Rick Marshall's model cradle with adjustable fuselage supports, that folds for storage using recessed cabinet hinges and over-center latches.

Dean Allen shows a grappling hook that can be used on his DJI drone to pick up an object like a downed airplane from an inaccessible place like a roof or a pond.

Reg Welles describes the features of the Mk IX Spitfire he scratch built to 1/9th scale with retracts, showing the battery and servo access panels in the fuselage.

Reg Welles mounts the wing on his Spitfire with Paul Jones' help using Rick Marshall's model cradle so we can see how it looks ready to fly.

Paul puts in the last wing bolt while Reg steadies the plane in only one fuselage support to avoid damaging the antenna to the tip of the vertical fin.

With assembly finally complete, Reg turns the beautiful Spitfire over for all to see.

Doug Dorton shows a 120VAC to 12VDC at 30 Amp regulated power supply that he found on BangGood for $22.00 delivered.

A drawing was held for all members present who had paid their dues for 2017. The winner of the Great Planes Ultra-Sport 40 Custom ARF was Bill Burke.

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