2017-02-18 USA - UteRC Indoor Flying

At the invitation of the Utah State Aeromodelers, members of USA and the UteRC clubs gathered for another indoor Fun Fly on Feb. 18th. Small quads and Vapors were flow as well as initial trimming of a small rubber powered model. The accidental discovery of a new use for small quads was particularly interesting.

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Several helium balloons were resting on the ceiling left over some prior party. Jon Bertrand decided to fly his small quad up to play with a balloon and soon found his quad propellers tangled in the balloon's tie-down ribbon. Of course he cut the throttle and down came the quad and balloon - neither damaged. Well how about that!?. Could he deliberately snag and retrieve a lost balloon to return it to a crying and devastated toddler who let it slip away? Here his quad has snagged a balloon by the end of its ribbon and bringing it down without damage to his quad.

Jon soon learned to come up near the end of the ribbon, tangle the propellers, shut off the throttle and let the quad quickly drag the balloon down to where he could untangle the propellers and return the balloon to a happy toddler, Mommy, or Daddy.

The quad awaits someone to free it from the balloon ribbon. Teach the wife to fly the quad and get her to take it to any party especially in an auditorium where toddlers will get helium balloons to play with. The idea will work in any indoor venue and even for adults who manage to loose a balloon against a high ceiling.

If there are spare balloons to play with they can be tied to the quad body to take some of the load off the flight battery and extend the flight time.

Doug Dorton's Inductrix, while a fine stable flyer, isn't suitable for this task because the ducted propellers are not prone to entanglement.

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