2017-03-11 UteRC Combat Fun Fly

The UteRC club held its annual Combat Fun Fly at Taylorsville Park on a perfect Spring-like day. Before the Combat rounds got organized, several members were sport flying their favorite planes.
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In the following series, Doug Dorton brings his DuraFly Tundra in for a typical bush pilot approach over the trees for a landing in the grass with its big tundra tires. Doug calls it his Flying Ice Chest because of the large foam body.

Aaron Loertscher's tiny E-flite UMX Cessna 182 with AS3X & S.A.F.E technology performs well in calm air, but can be a little tricky in even a mild wind.

Aaron Greer brings his Hellcat out of a wing over.

Aaron Loertscher brings his tiny Cessna 182 in for a wild but successful landing in the breeze.

Tom Aldrich shows off his SLICK 540 3D electric flying without cowl as a check-out flight after repair from a crash that ripped out the motor

Tom brings the SLICK in for a landing sporting skis from Winter flying which work well in the grass, including taxiing.

Tom watches other planes in the air.

Aaron Loertscher's Slow Stick lumbers into the sky trailing a target streamer.

This little Bloody Wonder inspired combat plane can turn sharp enough to cut its own streamer.

A potpourri of combat scenes:

In the last one, a plane has cut and removed the black ribbon from Keith Hiatt's white twin-rudder Bloody Wonder at the left that Aaron Greer's Hellcat with red streamer seems to be closing in on.

Cameron Kerr's ParkZone Sukhoi SU-29 (Gen 1) aerobatic plane.

Along the flight line are Aaron Greer, Paul Jones, Keith Hiatt, Dean Allen, Mario Valencia, Gerhard Roos (in red jacket), and new member, James Baer (with back to camera).

I hope you enjoyed these photos. -Ed

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