April Club Meeting - Clothing Sales, and Glow Fuel

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Ute RC Modelers,

The upcoming April club meeting is an important one so please do your best
to attend. The meeting is on Thursday April 13th at 7pm in the Murray
Heritage Senior Center. We'll be in the usual west conference room again.
Rick Marshall will be sharing his photos and associated tales of adventure
from his trip to England. As many of you are no doubt aware, there may be
more vintage WWI and WWII aircraft, both flyable and static, in England
than anywhere else in the world, so I'm sure we'll be amazed at the quality
and variety of Rick's encounters with flying machines while he was there.

We are also taking final orders for glow fuel and the new batch of club
clothing. Below are the details on each, please either be at the meeting
with money to pre-pay or get in touch with an officer to let us know your
desired items and arrange for payment. We can't afford to float the cost
of many items, so pre-payments are needed to minimize the financial risk to
the club.

Raglan T-Shirt

Hoodie Jacket with Zipper

Polo Shirt with Pocket

Small to XL $15 each

Small to XL $23 each

Small to XL $16 each

2XL and 3XL $17 each

2XL $25 each

2XL $18 each

[image: Inline image 1] [image: Inline image 2]

Black and Red Hat, Velcro Adjust

Tan Hat, Velcro Adjust

$10 each

$10 each

15% Nitro Sport Fuel
(13% Syn., 5% Castor oil)

$20 per 1.25 Gallon (5 Qt.) Jug

YS 20/20 Fuel

$25 per 1.25 Gallon (5 Qt.) Jug

Thanks, and I look forward to meeting with you on Thursday!
- Aaron G.

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