2017-05-05 UteRC Flight Training For Youngsters at the SLC Modelport

The UteRC club held an RC flight training session for a group of home-schooled youngsters at the Salt Lake Modelport on this Friday Morning at 10 am. Here are some pictures from that event.

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Youngsters gather to learn about Safety and how RC planes are flown and controlled with Tom Winter presiding.

With the basics covered, Tom then breaks the group up into 3 or 4 students per instructor.

Aaron Greer talks to his group of students about how the RC controls work on the airplane and how the plane responds.

Aaron takes his training plane off and when at a safe altitude gives the control over to a student who flies the plane with an auxiliary RC transmitter called a "buddy box".

Aaron helps another student learn to fly.

Tom Winter with his group of students on the flight line starting a take off roll with his trainer.

Tom helps a student fly Tom's plane with a buddy box that allows Tom to take control if the plane is in danger of crashing.

Steve Wilson with his Fun Cub and a group of students on the flight line.

Steve's Fun Cub is retrieved by his students after a flight.

Steve installs a fresh battery in a SAFE technology trainer plane that he can let a student fly without a buddy box because it is nearly uncrashable.

Steve watches as a student flies Steve's SAFE trainer plane all by himself.

Group of youngsters go after Steve's trainer plane that disappeared below the edge of the field with low battery power.

Aaron Loertscher, with Keith Hiatt watching, helps a young lady concentrate on learning to fly with a buddy box.

Bob West talks to his students about how to control the RC plane.

Bob heads out to the flight line with his group, and takes the plane off so a student can fly it after it reaches a safe altitude.

Young student proudly carries Bob West's big trainer back from a flight so it can be refueled.