Just thought I would give you all a update on the Salt Lake Model Port.
The City has been at work and graded and put down new gravel all around
the heli pad, parking lot, and also down the road. (no big dips or
holes). They have put in (2) new gate openings in the fence by the
parking lot and (1) in the fence by the heli pad. There are now (2)
chain link safety fences 4' high on the flight line. They still need to
put in fill and do a 20' run-out on the west side of the runway. Also
they said they would mow the tall grass but I don't know when that will
happen. We have been doing free flight training on Wed's at 5 pm, so
far we have only had a couple new pilots show up thanks to the guys at WVH.

See you there or at the UTE field.

Keith Hiatt


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