2017-06-10 UteRC Fun Fly Egg Drop Contest

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Aaron Loertscher hand launches his FliteTest Explorer.

In this series of 4 images, Tom Winter is at the pylon in center of the target, while Dave Moore paints a target circle, and Keith Hiatt helps keep the extra rope out of the way, Question: Why is the circle needed? No FPV from a plane was used - the pylon is the target.

Keith Hiatt uses a toss bombing technique as he pitches an egg out the belly of his Cub during an abrupt pull up.

Aaron dives the Explorer to pop an egg out of the cup on top of the wing.

Dave Moore and Dennis Shiner discuss strategy on how to hit the target.

Dennis Shiner pops an egg out of the cup on his Alpha with a quick dip maneuver and then flies on ahead of the egg trailing its streamer.

Dave Moore waits for a plane coming in for a landing before he is free to take off with an egg aboard.

Dave's sport plane takes to the air with another egg to drop.

In this sequence of six images, Dave dives the plane to get the egg out of the cup, but then pulls up in its path and cuts the streamer leaving the egg to fall free. Clearly the skill of an ace pilot is showing here.

James Baer launches his version of the FliteTest Explorer. James actually won the event with his very first flight in an egg drop contest.

After a long take off run thru the weeds, Aaron Loertscher's Icon A5 takes to the air with its bomb load.

Aaron dives the Icon to eject the egg, but then the falling egg catches up, gets spattered by the prop, and forces a landing with the streamer wrapped around the prop. Fortunately no embarrassing photos were obtained of that action.

Tom Winter's plane taking off with an egg load.

Steve Wilson's Bixler sailplane comes floating across the field. The Bixler is designed for FPV, but instead, is carrying an egg in the open cockpit area where the FPV camera would normally be installed.

Later in the day, James Baer barrel rolls the Explorer, but the egg wouldn't fall out because the plane was pulling positive G's even upside down. Then trying a sharp dive, he successfully discharges the egg with its black streamer.

James' Explorer in flight after dumping an egg.

Steve Wilson brings the Bixler in for a very slow landing.

Gerhard Roos drops an egg accidentally way too early with a slight negative pitch incident as he approaches the target. Unfortunately, his fast pattern plane suffered major damage in a crash near the end of the contest.

The inflight egg-drop pictures have been cropped from larger high-resolution images for a better view of the action.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and captions.

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