2017-07-13 UteRC Meeting

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Gerhard Roos' electric and double-swept wing version of the popular Aeromaster biplane. "Bliksem" on the fuselage means "Lightning" in Gerhard's native language, Afrikaans, but has some other, not so polite, meanings as well.

Vice-President, Aaron Loertscher, conducts the UteRC meeting in Aaron Greer's absence.

Secretary/Treasurer, Keith Hiatt, gives the monthly finance report.

Gerhard Roos describes his 52" wingspan Aeromaster built from a 1970's era Acro kit. The plane has three possible wing configurations. Gerhard built the double-swept wing version with no dihedral, and used a Rimfire 32 equivalent out-runner motor driving a 14x5 prop from a 3-cell 5500 mAHr battery pack to power the biplane. Plans called for a CG way behind where it should have been, so the plane was uncontrollable on the maiden flight - going straight up and straight back down - but doing little damage. With the CG moved significantly forward, the plane now flies well.

In a variation of "Wearing his heart on his sleeve" Reg Welles wears plans for a little high-wing monocoupe airplane on his shirt.

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