2017-07-22 UteRC Night Fly

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As a change of pace, Mario Valencia brought his little Baja cross-country racecar - 23 cc's of nitro engine makes it go like a scalded cat.

Bob West's recently completed and fully lighted Kadet.

Keith Hiatt and his Nito Planes Cessna 182 decorated with strips of LED lights. A mishap early in the evening prevented it from flying after dark.

James Baer's brand new Durafly Tundra, a fat-tired Alaskan bush plane from HobbyKing.

Bob West's Kadet paints a pattern in the sky at dusk.

Bob West's Kadet made this pattern with a barrel roll in a darkening sky.

A faded pattern in a darkened sky from Paul Jones' Flybeam.

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