Special Night Fly, Saturday, Aug. 19th

Night Fliers,

A nearly New Moon will occur this coming Saturday, Aug. 19, 2 days
before the total eclipse of the Sun. Weather permitting, it will be an
ideal time to photograph your lighted planes against a pitch black sky.

At our last Night Fly, July 22nd, we quit too soon, the sky was not
yet pitch black. The little bit of remaining dusk light forced short
exposures which were not long enough for the plane to execute much of
a pattern. A much longer time is required for the plane to produce an
interesting pattern and this requires a pitch black sky to appear as a
pitch black background for the bright patterns in the photographs.

See the dark sky patterns at the end of this post of photographs from
two years ago:


That said, let's gather at the UteRC field in the early evening as the
sun goes down and get set up for flying when it gets dark. Once the
sky is pitch black, we can get pattern pictures of all the planes in
an hour or so.

Please let me know if you plan to fly.

Hope to see you there to create some great patterns in the sky.

Ed Stimpson

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