2017-08-19 UteRC Special Night Fly

Fliers who didn't get a chance to fly in the pitch blackness of a New Moon on the July Night Fly were invited to fly at this special session under the dark sky of another New Moon two days before The Eclipse of 2017.

Since the photos were originally posted, Gary Stam sent a couple of photos that I've added to show Ray Jones' beautiful Kadet before it crashed. Thank you, Gary.

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Ray Jones runs a test of the 850+ LED lights on his Kadet.

Ray starts the engine on the Kadet not knowing it is going to be the last flight of the plane. The two images above are courtesy of Gary Stam.

Same scene as above, but from the far East end of the runway. That's Ray Jones and his buddy preparing the brightly lit Kadet for the first night flight of the evening. The horizontal row of white lights is the Walmart distribution center Northwest of Grantsville.

Ray Jones' Kadet takes off and climbs out to the left leaving its beautiful - and final - pattern in the night sky. Moments later when radio control was lost, the plane rolled over and went straight down into the deck at full throttle. At impact the engine buried itself in the dirt, the fuselage and wing exploded, and the only things left relatively intact were the tail feathers. Ray's lighted Kadet is no more. May it R.I.P.

Car headlights stretch across the field to the crash site to help locate pieces of the wreckage.

Paul Jones' FlyBeam barely gets airborne taking off before it dips a wing and crashes, but with repairable damage. Two airplanes and two brief "flights" ended this disastrous Night Fly session. BTW, the faint red dots are the blinking wing tip light on a plane landing at the Tooele Valley Airport.

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