Elect Lawrence Tougas for AMA Executive Vice President

Remember this guy? Visited Salt Lake seven years ago while campaigning. Haven't seen or heard from him since.

He's campaigning Ad began with: "AMA has lost its way........"

I think he's lost his way. I'm voting for the OTHER GUY.

Vote your conscience, but please vote.

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Subject: Elect Lawrence Tougas for AMA Executive Vice President

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Your vote makes a difference. Take a moment and get to know a little about me and what some of my fellow Executive Council Members have to say before casting your ballot.

Dear AMA Members,

I am running for AMA Executive Vice President (EVP) and would appreciate your vote. The EVP is a national office, I am doing my best to get around the country and talk to as many members as possible, but there's no way to talk to everyone. So contacting you via email is the best alternative.

I have served as the District X Vice President for seven years. During this time I have seen the sport we love jeopardized by the federal government repeatedly. I believe this is the biggest threat we have ever faced. My experience makes me uniquely qualified to counter this peril. I have worked as an Aeronautical Engineer at a major airline for over 26 years. The last 23 years I have responded to proposed rule making by the FAA, requested alternative methods of compliance to FAA regulations, and ensured my employer's overall regulatory compliance in my area of expertise. These are skills that can be brought directly to bear in our campaign with the FAA.

I am a second generation modeler, as well as a full scale commercial multi-engine rated pilot. So I understand the connection between model and full scale aviation better than most and will bring this experience to the table to help all of us.

I am grateful that some of my fellow Executive Council members have stepped forward to endorse me please read what they have to say;

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In this important election for the Executive VP of AMA I believe the best person for the job is Lawrence Tougas. I have worked with Lawrence on the AMA executive council since 2012 and I can tell you LT is not afraid ask the tough questions that will shape the future of AMA. If you're looking for a candidate that supports new model aviation technology without forgetting about the traditional modeler then Lawrence Tougas is your best choice for the next EVP of AMA.

Mark A. Radcliff
District III Vice President (OH-PA-WV)

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Lawrence Harville supports Lawrence Tougas

The election for AMA Executive Vice President is a chance for you to help direct the future direction of the AMA. In my opinion, Lawrence Tougas, the current AMA Vice President for District X, is our best choice. LT is a dedicated AMA modeler and will stand up for what he believes. I have been in the room when LT takes a stance and advocates for a position that will help all modelers. LT listens to all positions and then makes an informed decision. LT, a traditional modeler and competition flyer, believes AMA should accept new technology like drone flying using the AMA safety code all modelers fly under. He is a very strong believer that AMA should listen to the membership.

With LT, we have a balance for all facets of modeling with all sides having a place at our AMA table. Read his campaign statement. Change is coming to AMA, make sure it is the type of change you want, your best chance for that is to VOTE for Lawrence Tougas.

Lawrence Harville
AMA District VIII Vice President (TX-NM-OK-AR-LA)

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I met Lawrence Tougas when I first joined the AMA Executive Council. Since then I have found him to be a dedicated supporter of AMA with an interest in the future of AMA and its modeling members. I consider him to be a straight forward person, but also helpful and considerate of others. I believe he deserves your thoughtful consideration when you place your vote for the next AMA Executive Vice-President.

Bob Brogdon
AMA District V Vice President (AL-FL-GA-MS-SC-TN-Puerto Rico-U.S. Virgin Islands)

Please take a moment to read my campaign statement. You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook . You can also get the latest information on my campaign from my blog.

Lawrence Tougas
AMA 232

P.S. Only 1 in 10 AMA members vote. Don't let your opportunity to guide the future of the AMA pass by. Please vote Lawrence Tougas for EVP. You should have received your ballot by now if you haven't you can request a replacement by calling 800-435-9262 ext. 290. It is easy to vote just check the box next to my name and drop the postage paid ballot in the mail.

This email was paid for by Lawrence Tougas. Statements reflect the opinion of the candidate and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

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