2018-01-01 UteRC Freeze Fly Open House at SLC Modelport

The UteRC Association hosted its Annual New Year's Day Freeze Fly Open House at the Salt Lake City Modelport under clear and sunny skies with no wind. It was a perfect flying day except for the temperature hovering around 30 degrees. Three batches of chili plus hot dogs, donuts, coffee and hot chocolate helped everyone ward off the chill.

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Mel Hansen helps Jeff Hansen prepare Jeff's Apprentice for a flight.

Steve Wilson (l.) and Evan Higginsen (r.) chat with another attendee.

Rick Marshall's slick little SIG Doubler pylon racer.

Gary Stam's larger Piper Cub.

Gary's smaller Piper Cub with a gorilla acting as pilot, complete with headset, ready to go.

Both of Gary's Cubs.

Walt Kaufman's beautiful electric powered British Royal Aircraft Factory SE-5 biplane which he flies in scale fashion.

The GeeBee racer often seen at the Modelport.

Chris Whipple's sleek E-Flite Habu 32X EDF. It flies just like it looks - FAST! Chris has programmed a bit of crow into an aileron-flap mix in the Tx to tame the plane's speed for landing. The plane suffered loss of the nose gear but no other damage in a landing a bit short of the runway.

FlyZone Cessna 350 Corvalis.

Douglas Dakota C-47, a great flyer.

Gary Kitchen's fleet of FliteTest FT-3D high-performance foam-board 3-D planes. Watching them fly, I'd swear they can turn square corners and snap rolls in an eye-blink.

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