2018-02-08 UteRC Meeting

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Sect./Treas., Keith Hiatt, giving the membership and financial report as President, Aaron Loertscher, looks on.

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Steve Wilson displays a wide-band radio scanner that uses a PC to process the signals from a receiver dongle that plugs into a USB port on the PC. More information is available at: https://www.rtl-sdr.com/ In this image an old 75MHz Tx splatters spurious RF signals to either side of its assigned frequency of 75.430 MHz displayed at the top of the screen.

A display of three local FM stations near 97MHz. The rectangular blocks on either side of the peaked main signals are probably side bands being used for data transmission.

Steve displays the Hobby King F-35 Glue-N-Go - Foamboard kit, a sheet foamy profile plane that only has elevon control surfaces. The low priced kit includes the cut and decorated foam board and carbon fiber reinforcing rods, but without Rx, servos, or motor. Steve says once the CG is moved forward about an inch from that designated in the instructions, it flies well, is slow and stable in spite of its appearance. He warns that when it is coming straight at you it is nearly invisible. HobbyKing.com SKU 9700000012-0 $19.36.

Steve shows the carbon fiber rod reinforcement of the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer. The plane has no rudders.

Steve's F-35 on its 3-point landing skids made from semicircular loops of plastic ties glued to the plane. The skids work for takeoffs, too.

Steve explains the HobbyEagle 6-axis flight stabilizer that has 6 PC-programmable flight modes selectable while in flight: 1. Off Mode - the unit does not effect the pilot-controlled flight; 2. Normal 2D Mode - like a simple 3-axis stabilizer; 3. Anti-Lock 3D Mode - wherein a fixed rotation is inserted in each of the pitch, yaw and roll axes and stick positions control the rate of rotation around each of these three axes; 4. Trainer Mode - aircraft roll is limited to a safe banking angle; 5. Auto-Level Mode - returns the plane to level flight; and 6. Auto-Hover Mode - like Auto-Level except the plane will be brought to a vertical nose up stationary position and held there. Details and firmware at https://www.motionrc.com/products/eagle-a3-super-3-standard-edition-airplane-gyro $40.99.

Steve had a little toy 2-motor indoor biplane that he was going to make into a blimp using the two small motors for maneuvering power, but he found out some guy had already done it, sort of. Peter Sripol of FliteTest had built a model of the house that floated away under balloons in the Disney movie "Up". Here's a link to his build beginning at 3:00 into the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watc?v=EDiqHm9TqMg Does your shop look as cluttered this?

Doug Dorton's Show & Tell was in his wallet in the form of a card that carries his official FAA Drone registration number and flight rules that can be shown to local cops who hassle him for flying where they think he shouldn't be flying. The purpose of the card is to demonstrate you are aware of the rules and are following them. It is not to convince the cop he is wrong because trying to do so can get you in big trouble. Accept whatever decision the cop makes and act accordingly. Cards are available from a guy in Lehi at: https://reclaimdrone.com/ He has both hobbyist & commercial versions, FAA stickers for your drone or aircraft, and a free recovery service for FAA registered aircraft.

Aaron Loertscher shows his Hobbico NexStar .46 Trainer powered by an OS ignition engine recovered from his P-51 that crashed because of rudder servo failure. More info about the NexStar at https://www.hobbyzone.com/rc-airplanes/trainers/hobbico/HCAA17**.html

Aaron emphasized that FAA rules are back in force and offers proof that he is following the rules with his FAA number prominently displayed on the underside of the wing.

Aaron's beautiful NexStar on the Show & Tell table.

Engine detail of Aaron's NexStar.

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