2017-09-14 UteRC Meeting

These photos are being posted late because a month-long crash recovery of my computer was taking place when the photos were taken.

Clicking on most images will open them full-sized and zoomable in a new window.

Doug Dorton's new Ultimate 2 Electric 3D biplane from Eflite designed by Mike McConville. Note the bumps on top of the leading edges of the wings which disrupt the laminar airflow over the wing and give the plane softer stall characteristics.

Doug's Ultimate 2 with Raul Alva's Red Citabria in background on the Show & Tell table.

Raul Alva's big Citabria which he sold to Steve Wilson.

Gerhard Roos is presenting a 5-part series on electric propulsion. He opened the series with remarks about how electric car sales have grown exponentially from rejection by the public to standing in line to buy them as fast as they can be produced. He began the series with how Ohm's law is used in motor calculations.

Gerhard's demonstration equipment consists of a digital voltmeter, digital ammeter, a LiPo battery, and a means of connecting resistors in parallel and series to show how Ohm's law applies in the real world.

Evan Higginsen's big float plane ready for the Sept. 16th float fly.

Evan tells us about his float plane with a nitro engine.

Tony Naef's stable of F-86 EDF planes and one Folk Wolf 190 body that have been repaired after crashes.

Tony Naef explains how to use boiling water and steam to re-expand foam that has been crushed in an accident to it original shape and then glue it back together to accomplish repairs. All 3 F-86's have had their noses crushed and repaired by this technique. The Folk Wolf body had a crushed cowl that has been expanded and is ready for gluing.

Tony pointed out all the damage that his P-51 has endured and been repaired.

Steve Wilson shows off a wide variety of things he has printed. He just kept pulling items out his black bag and passing them around. He primarily wanted the 3D printer to build 1/3 scale detail features for the Sopwih Pup he is building. One such item is the machine gun for the Pup shown under the nose of Doug Dorton's Ultimate 2 in the first photo.

Just a fraction of the plastic goodies from Steve Wilson's new 3D printer. The green item with all the teeth are parts for the Geared Heart in orange beside it. Yes, all the gears turn as coupled in the assembled heart.

Doug describes the nice features of his new Ultimate 2 BNF electric from Eflite as wells as the AS3X stabilization and S.A.F.E. system that restore the plane to level flight from any attitude the plane might encounter with an inexperienced pilot.

He described the purpose of the bumps along top of the wings are to disrupt laminar air flow so the plane has softer stall characteristics. The AS3X stabilization tends to interfere with landing, but a minimum throttle setting will allow the plane to settle in for a nice 3-point landing.

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