2018-03-08 UteRC Meeting

After the wild excursions of his version of the Disney Pixar "Up" house at the indoor flying 5 days earlier, Steve Wilson made some modifications, and added a balloon or two, which made the "Up" house much more manageable and realistic.

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Steve Wilson's revised and tamed "Up" house flying in the foyer of the Heritage Center before the meeting began.

Steve's "Up" house flying in the meeting room.

Steve presides at the meeting in the absence of President, Aaron Loertscher.

Gerhard Roos gives a presentation on electric motor sizing, with help from Tony Naef using the Castle Creations software.

Gerhard, with help from Steve Wilson, tries to get the motor running in Gerhard's Twinkie trainer to verify the calculations, but without success.

Doug Dorton, shows some of the battery and stability features of his Mavic Spark.

With the Spark on the table, Doug shows what the image from the Spark looks like on his smart phone.

Doug programs the Spark with the smart phone, then flies it above the table where it remains motionless demonstrating its stability as a camera platform - a virtual skyhook.

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