2018-03-10 UteRC Fun Fly at Taylorsville Park

For a day in mid-March, it was unusually clear and sunny, but cool with a mild breeze that made it a good Fun Fly with some stick time that moderated any remaining cabin fever.

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Aaron Loertscher's UMX Cessna 182 has just landed on the sidewalk after bucking and negotiating a near limiting headwind. It was a good example of any landing that you can walk away from is a good one and if nothing gets bent it's a great landing.

Rick Marshall, usually a flier of more convention craft, readies his indestructible utility wing for some wild fun flying.

Anthony Cappaert's 96" electric Cub by Phoenix models. With the big tundra tires it's at home on the rough turf. Anthony lives near the park so he has an accessible flying field nearly any time the weather cooperates.

Max, who thinks he owns the park, gets to wander and make friends while his RC owner, a potential member, talks about RC planes and the Ute RC club with Keith Hiatt.

Steve Wilson's Parrot Bebop drone.

Steve Wilson and Tom Winter talk with Anthony Cappaert about his big Phoenix Cub.

Dean demonstrates how he trusts his Mavic Air to hold its position and not come closer than a safe distance to the Tx and the pilot. This latest DJI product responds to hand gestures and has collision avoidance.

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