2018-04-12 UteRC Meeting

Highlights of this month's UteRC meeting were members showing photos from visits to other RC and full-size aircraft events, some spectacular video of indoor flying set to music, and Rick Marshall's highly modified DeHavilland Beaver.

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President Aaron Loertscher opens the meeting.

Rick Marshall's electric powered DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver. Originally the model had separate wing panels that plugged into the foam model at the top of the cabin. The many servo and lighting connections to the wings made assembly of the model difficult at the field.

The modified wing of Rick's Beaver. The two wing panels have been permanently joined with the top of the cabin removed from the fuselage. Note the electrical connections required for the flap & aileron servos and for the landing & running lights in the wing.

A view into the now open cabin showing the wiring harness that connects to the wing and the added trailing edge wing mounting bolts. The two bars are the wing struts.

The instrument panel of the Beaver and the bracing added to the front of the cabin for securing the one-piece wing.

Rick describes why and how he modified the Beaver to make a practical model out of an already great flying airplane.

Rick's Beaver with the modified one-piece wing in place.

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