2018-05-10 UteRC Meeting

Highlight at the May meeting was Dave Stack showing his 1/15 scale electric powered WWI German Gotha G.IV heavy bomber.

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An overview of Dave Stack's German Gotha G.IV heavy bomber of WWI from a Maxford USA kit. The model is electric powered with motors and pusher props in two nacelles between the wings.

Open cockpits on the German Gotha bomber have a standing forward gunner, the pilot in the middle, and a rear gunner. Dave has yet to add the single machine guns the gunners used.

The odd 4-wheel landing gear was added early in development to avoid nosing over on grass fields. Dave explained that the model is quite heavy and tail heavy as well, so it needs a longer, non-scale, nose before it will fly well.

The rear gunner also stood up. Note the shields on either side. Were they to protect the gunner from accidentally reaching into the propeller arcs or to prevent pointing the machine gun at his own airplane as he tracked an attacking aircraft?

Dave showing some of the features of his Gotha bomber. Wikipedia has development history and production information about the plane. Many of the variations of the Gotha had straight wings except the 100 built by LVG which had a strengthened and heavier airframe. LVG overcame the tail heaviness of its planes with sweepback wings to compensate for the CG being farther rearward. The model designers may have done the same thing to compensate for the brushless motors near the trailing edge of the wing.

In this bottom view of the Gotha, the odd opening in the in the belly behind the wing is the important innovation that was a tunnel in the fuselage that allowed the rear gunner to defend against attacks from below and behind the bomber.

Whitey White's FMS 1400mm T-28D Trojan V4 PNP, with electric power, new lighter EPO 52 foam and all the bells & whistles that he has yet to build. A full description is on the Horizon Hobby website.

Keith Hiatt demonstrates a No-See-Em Head Net made of very fine black tulle mesh fabric that keeps those nasty bugs and mosquitos away from his face during the Spring flying season. It is worn over a hat and tucked under the collar to keep the mesh away from the face so it is doesn't interfere with vision. No bug spray is required.

Keith found it in this package at the Army Navy store at 4974 S. Redwood Road for 3 bucks - a bargain to keep your sanity.

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