2018-05-19 UteRC Float Fly

The UteRC Spring Float Fly at Lincoln Beach on Utah Lake had perfect flying weather. It was sunny, but not hot, with fluffy clouds, calm winds, and NO bugs.

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Newsletter Editor, James Baer, and President, Aaron Loertscher, survey the early arrivals.

Secy./Treas., Keith Hiatt, with back to the camera and two of his planes, the Neptune and a foamy PBY.

Keith's Neptune and PBY.

Keith working on his float equipped Cub.

James Baer's UMX E-flite Timber on floats.

James' little Timber taxiing for takeoff. It flew well and he had no problems getting off the water for it's maiden flight.

Dave Stack assembling his Blohm & Voss BV 238, a model of the only prototype of Germany's giant 6-engine flying boat. It was the heaviest aircraft ever built when it first flew in 1944 and was capable of reaching the East coast of the US. The wing on the model is in 3 sections with removable outboard sections and floats as well. Three brushless motors as a group on each side are independently RPM controllable for steering if necessary on water or in the air.

Rick Marshall's De Havilland Beaver upside down in Rick's custom designed airplane cradle.

Dave Stack's PBY & BV 238. Dave has modified his PBY so the floats are angled up about 20 degrees which keeps them from hooking the water and turning the model on take off runs.

Dave poses holding the BV 238.

Dave Stack, with Rick Marshall's help, begin water taxiing tests of the BV 238.

New member, Bob Reed, launches his Seawind electric seaplane by Flyzone.

Rick Marshall brings in his De Havilland Beaver while Mario Valencia taxies his Timber out for a take off.

New member, Bob Reed, packing up his vehicle after a successful day of flying.

Keith Hiatt relaxes with his planes as James Baer and Aaron Loertscher observe the goings on.

James and Aaron and Aaron's Son watch while Dick Osborn prepares his De Havilland Beaver for another flight. That's Dave Stack in the blue shirt.

Dick Osborn headed for the water with his De Havilland Beaver.

Rick Marshall acts as spotter for Mario Valencia as he flies his Timber.

The Timber taxies to shore while Dick gets ready to set the De Havilland Beaver on the water.

Here are some in-flight sequences at Lincoln Beach.

Keith Hiatt, with Steve Wilson as pilot, prepare to launch Keith's Neptune. It was the first of many tries to get the plane to take off without dunking the nose.

Dick Osborn watches as Steve Wilson finally, after many tries, gets Keith's Neptune airborne.

Dick finally gets clear water to fly his Beaver.

Keith Hiatt's Neptune in the air behaving rather normally compared to last year. That's Rick Marshall watching the Neptune on a low fly-by. The plane finally splashes down at the end of a successful flight.

Keith proudly brings the Neptune back from its first successful flight.

Rick Marshall's De Havilland Beaver taking off and climbing out.

Except for the direction, the De Havilland Beaver appears ostensibly headed back to Canada against a background of beautiful clouds.

While Rick continues flying, Dave Stack heads for the water with his PBY. Note the angle of the outboard floats.

The PBY starts a take off run.

Dave makes a high pass along the shore with his PBY and after a few minutes, lands the PBY.

Meantime, Rick continues flying and brings the Beaver in for a perfect landing.

Visitor, Josh, takes to the air with his Timber.

Josh's Timber in flight, even sustained inverted flight, which looks a bit odd for a float plane.

Aaron Loertscher flying his Icon A-5 seaplane.

Rick Marshall makes another flight with his De Havilland Beaver, this time with a steep climb out, and a mountain backdrop.

Gary Stam shoots a picture of Keith and his Cub.

Rick Marshall's custom designed, completely adjustable, completely folding, and fully adaptable model airplane cradle.

Rick Marshall helps Dave Stack disassemble Dave's big BV 238 at the end of a perfect day at Lincoln Beach.

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