2018-05-26 NURCAC Memorial Weekend Fun Fly

The Northern Utah Radio Control Aircraft Club held their annual Memorial Weekend Fun Fly at their private field about 9 miles West of Ogden on 12th Street. At this annual event, anyone with a current AMA license was welcome to fly their RC aircraft.

Their field has two North-South runways. One is a smooth weedless salt flat with access on the East side for flying in warm weather mornings after the surface has dried out from winter moisture. The West side of the salt flat has a long paved runway and their permanent building and shelter facilities. They have city water and electricity at the site. The water is used to maintain a wide grassy pit area on the West side of the runway. The salt flat between the two runways provides a wide flat area for emergency landings.

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An overall view looking North of the grass and intermediate concrete paved parking for planes.

Two shots of the grass display area and paved airplane parking between the two chain-link fences. Visitors outside the second fence also have a broad grassy area in which to lounge, watch the action, and display their wares to swap or sell.

1937 Lanzo Bomber, a big 60-size free flight converted to RC rudder and elevator control. For sale @ $350 O.B.O. Note: with 45-degrees of dihedral in outer wing panels it will bank for turns with rudder alone. The odd pattern on the horizontal stabilizer and wing is a shadow from the chain link fence.

One man's sense of humor is displayed in his collection of brightly painted planes with comic pilots.

His green "Quack Quack" piloted by one duck taking another for a ride. Note the camera mount on the left winglet. He uses a round camera the size of a lipstick to record in-flight video.

This colorful orange plane with a radial engine is piloted by a pair of Minions.

The "Flying Circus" is piloted by a clown in the open cockpit in front of the vertical stabilizer.

In a more serious vein is his Pitts 12S Python foamie by AircraftStudioDesign. More info is available at www.airshow.se

Pilatus PC-21 with its 5-bladed prop rests on the club's huge padded charging table which has AC outlets all around the perimeter.

Owner pushing his big Edge 9 to the flight line. The Yak 54 in foreground belongs to club president, Lonnie Fierro.

Checking out the Edge 9 before a flight.

Another big plane, with Breitling Swiss Chronograph advertising does some 3D maneuvers over the runway.

And is put away after the performance.

A Sbach 342.

Lonnie Fierro working on his bipe.

Jeremy Solt does a run up test on his Razor Back P-47.

The club shelter and small storage building are on a concrete pad.

Jeremy and his Son, Kyler (7), explain EDF powered jets to visitors.

Beautiful P-40 and P-51 models.

Owner of the P-40 & P-51 working on his planes.

Miss America, a free-flight converted to RC owned by John Lockwood. He would fly for 20 or 30 minutes at a time, slow and reliable.

Buhl Pup from 1936 by John Lockwood. The prototype was powered by a 3-cyl radial engine but was modeled with a single cylinder 4-stroke with two very realistic dummy cylinders added by John.

Kyler Solt flies his ME-262, while his Dad, Jeremy Solt, watches Kyler fly the plane from take off to greased landing.

A father explains the jets to his three kids (2 boys & a girl) while the pilot, Kyler Solt, in green shirt fills in the details and answers questions.

Jeremy Solt's Phantom F-4 EDF.

Some of Jeremy's other EDF's.

Pilots meet as Lonnie Fierro reviews the flying rules for the day under the club's large shelter.

John Lockwood's Buhl Pup again.

And in flight, with flag waving.

The Buhl Pup pilot is none other than Ronald Reagan.

"Pilot" 3D plane is taken to flight line, note the very small wheels.

The "Pilot" returns from a flight.

PZL 104 Wilga 35, a Polish glider tow plane, built from plans alone not from a kit, fiberglass fuselage, painted fiberglass over foam core wings, full STOL capable, 4-stroke gas engine powered.

Sig's legendary Rascal 110, a $550 Cadillac of Sport planes, beautifully built and covered.

Jeremy Solt's beautiful model of the Northrop P-61 Black Widow.

After flying a bit the engine died on this P-40 and the plane was forced to make a dead-stick belly landing on the emergency salt flat area.

Kyler Solt will be flying this M2-262 with another youngster also with an Me-262.

Here are the two Messerschmitts lined up on the taxi way.

Both Fathers watch and supervise as their Sons fly in loose formation over the salt flat area.

An electric powered P-38 comes in over the reeds for a landing.

The only turbine powered jet to fly that day is fired up. Note the fire extinguisher, standard safety equipment for turbine powered planes.

Here the jet is caught making two of the many very fast passes over the field.

The turbine engine blows smoke as it spins down after the flight.

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