2018-06-08 Dawn Patrol at UteRC Field

The Dawn Patrol is a group of fliers in the UteRC club that assemble at dawn at the UteRC field to fly their planes while the wind is usually calm in the early morning.

Here are are some photos from a typical morning flying session.

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Dennis Shiner and Ed Dialogue examining Dennis' Sbach 342 3D plane.

Jan Hyde, keeping control of his favorite cigar, helps Dennis fire up and test the Sbach engine to make sure it runs well in various attitudes of flight.

Dennis does a run up on the Sbach engine and then starts the take off roll.

Ed Dialogue's Yak 54 semi-profile 3D plane.

With Dennis' help, Ed moves his Yak 54 to the flight line, does a run up test of the engine, and begins a take off roll.

Ed lands his Yak 54 and parks it out of the way after his flight.

Looking down the row of planes on set-up tables.

Dick Osborn installs a fresh battery in his T-28 and takes it out for a flight.

Secy./Treas., Keith Hiatt, exchanges keys that will fit the new locks at the field for Ed Dialogue and Jan Hyde.

Later on Dick fires up his very old and very large Goldberg Obsession and takes it out for a flight.

Dennis Shiner's beautiful electric powered Taylorcraft.

Dennis' T-Craft, upside down for access to the battery hatch.>

Three feet of otherwise harmless mouse control curled up warming itself in the morning sun. It seemed unconcerned with the nearby foot traffic and finally crawled back under the charging shed maybe looking for breakfast.

Keith helping Dennis with his Sbach.

Dick's E-flite Ultimate 2 foamie electric 3D bipe.

Jan Hyde's beautiful electric powered Precision Aerobatics XR61 landing and close-up. Note the very light construction in the open cockpit image.

Dennis working on his Sbach.

Dick does a run up test on his Goldberg Obsession prior to take off, but the engine died so it was back to the table to find out why.

Keith working on his Cub.

Keith takes the Cub out for a flight. He had a hard time keeping it from ground looping as the tail lifted off, but finally made a successful take off.

Gary Stam's Thunder Tiger Cub that he bought on eBay. Some fix up work by Gary turned it into a nice model.

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