2018-06-14 UteRC Meeting

The meeting brought out Show N Tell egg dropping mechanisms and some electronic wizardry.

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Doug Dorton describes his egg drop box made from corrugated plastic sign material that uses a "mousetrap" type release to ensure opening at the first servo motion.

Tom Winter is holding up his trainer to watch a simulated egg (a small rubber ball seen here against his white shirt) being released.

Close-up of Tom's egg drop box with the white double doors (like real bomb bay doors) inline with the airstream.

Orson Porter in divesting his RC equipment, offered this fuel and starter flight box for $20. It sold.

Keith Hiatt brings refreshments for the break.

Tony Naef shows the Eagle Tree digital multiple flight parameter recorder display on his laptop. The system records in-flight data to an internal flash memory aboard the aircraft. No telemetry is involved. It is used aboard a helicopter or airplane to capture every conceivable parameter you may want and at a high sampling rate. That data can then be read after the flight as Tony is demonstrating.

Tony's Eagle Tree recorder hooked up to a variety of sensors. More info on this system is available at http://www.eagletreesystems.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=92

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