2018-06-16 UteRC Egg Drop Contest

The popular UteRC Egg Drop Contest was held early Saturday morning in calm air and cool temperatures. Each flyer got three flights to drop an egg closest to the pylon target positioned in mid-field. The main difficulty for the pilot was in judging whether the plane was lined up over the target from the his viewpoint perpendicular to the flight path.

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Dave Stack puts his foamie F6F Hellcat up for a test flight.

Steve Wilson's Multiplex Fun Cub upside down showing a large commercial bomb bay with open doors.

Gary Porter taxis his Grandson's FliteTest Simple Cub built from foam board.

Steve Wilson's F-35 prop managed to cut the unsecured wires to one servo.

Dave Stack bringing his Hellcat back to the pit after a successful egg drop flight.

Keith Hiatt begins a take off run with his Apprentice.

Dave Stack waits a turn at the runway for another egg drop flight with his Hellcat.

Tom Winter lining up his big trainer to drop an egg on the target pylon.

Tom's trainer releases an egg with green ribbon trailing.

Dave's Hellcat with red streamer, at first glance, looks like the real thing with an engine fire.

Gerhard Roos waits for the field with a 2nd hand plane he bought and rebuilt.

Gerhard's plane tended to nose over with a bit of throttle and here assumed an unusual stance for a tail dragger - balanced and stationary for several seconds on a prop tip and two wheels until Gerhard hit the throttle again.

Gerhard's plane making an egg drop run...

And meets terra firma at full speed. Gerhard admits he was watching the egg fall instead of flying the plane. The plane exploded on impact, and here Gerhard approaches the crash site to assess the damage before searching for all the scattered pieces.

The wreckage back on the set-up bench. The impact was so great that the trailing edge of the wing ripped the covering right off the right wing.

Meantime, Tom's plane makes another run and drops another egg trailing a green streamer. Eggs were numbered to keep track of which plane dropped it. Streamers helped to spot egg releases and impact points.

Tom's plane making a landing approach.

Steve Wilson's Multiplex Cub making a one wheeled landing in the cross wind.

Gary Porter's pretty pattern plane wasn't flown because the fuel tank leaks into the fuselage and disassembly was necessary to find and fix the problem.

Keith Hiatt taxis his Hobby Zone Super Cub out for take off.

Instead of a bomb bay, Dave's simple egg release scheme was strapping the egg to a bar which fits a dummy spare tank release mechanism built into the scale Hellcat.

High above in this sequence, the Hellcat drops an egg beginning at a moment after release.

Keith's Hobby Zone Super Cub makes a landing approach.

Gary Stam, Gary Stevenson, and Stam's friend watch the action.

After everyone had flown three flights and the distances from the pylon of splattered egg impacts were recorded, winners were determined. Here President Aaron Loertscher poses with the Egg Drop Contest winners: Dave Stack was First, Tom Winter Second, and Keith Hiatt third. Dave actually had the two closest eggs, so he clearly earned the first place position.

Gary Stam flying his Thunder Tiger Cub.

Gary Stam's Thunder Tiger Cub makes some passes over the field and comes in for a landing.

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