2018-07-12 UteRC Meeting

Entertainment for the meeting was "Present You Favorite Plane". Steve Wilson responded with an in-depth presentation on the PBY Catalina, his favorite plane.

Clicking on most images will open them full-sized and zoomable in a new window.

Steve Wilson presented an interesting history of the PBY Catalina built by Consolidated and other manufacturers in the WWII era. He had selected some pictures from the internet showing the bird in its many incarnations. While Steve read us some historical facts about the plane, Aaron Loertscher presented the PBY images Steve had selected.

Rather than present Steve's images here, you can pick your favorite images, too: Search Google Images for PBY Catalina.

Read about the plane's history at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consolidated_PBY_Catalina

A more detailed history from the very first version of the plane is at: https://www.catalina.org.uk/catalina-history/

Watch the 50-minute documentary at the end of that last link. Some good stuff.

Doug Dorton displays a package of 100 (25 each of 4 colors) individual LED lights each with an individual switch and battery. He suggested them as a means of lighting just about anything you might want to decorate.

Gerhard Roos shows a film covering trimmer consisting of a slotted aluminum mount for a sharp razor blade. This tool will trim excess film covering to a uniform 1/16" which helps avoid ragged edges on covering seams. The multiple slots are arranged so 8 spots on the blade can be used - one at a time - until they become dulled, and then with the blade flipped over 8 new sharp spots are available. See http://www.HarryHigley.com for details.

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