2018-07-14 UteRC Mystery Fly Contest

Upon arrival at the UteRC field for the Mystery Fly Contest under cloudy skies at 9:00 am, I was surprised that no one was there. With threatening skies and no pilots I started back to SLC. Before I got to the gate, I met our Fun Fly Coordinator, Rick Marshall. He was surprised, too, but had brought a couple of planes and wanted to fly anyway. So...

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Attendance so far was one observer, me, and one pilot, Rick Marshall.

Rick assembling his De Havilland Beaver.

Two curious jack rabbits showed up which boosted attendance to four.

Rick starting a take off with the Beaver.

Returning member, Bud Sullivan, who hasn't flown for awhile, shows up with his Sky Trainer which needed to be matched to his DX7 Tx. Here Rick makes the necessary adjustments on the radio to match the plane.

Rick repairs a faulty right aileron servo connection.

In this trial take off, the controls fail, the plane does a wing over and crashes.

Aaron Loertscher shows up with his family boosting the attendance and pilot count to three.

Bud working on his plane to repair the motor mounting scheme. It turned out the motor shaft had been bent in the crash.

Rick's slick little electric powered Sig Doubler Pylon racer that he built from plans in a kit and then sold the kit. He commented that that sale was a mistake, the kits now bring a premium price.

Rick's De Havilland Beaver parked and protected under his car.

Later on it got a bit windy and the Beaver gets tipped on one of the old cradles.

Aaron flying one of his planes.

Although poorly attended with no Mystery Fly Contest, it was an enjoyable morning with cool overcast weather and no rain. A good time was had by all, including the jack rabbits I suppose.

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