2018-08-09 UteRC Meeting

Highlight of this UteRC meeting was a presentation by Gerhard Roos on the Lockheed C-130 history and his model of the plane under construction.

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Gerhard Roos presents his favorite plane, the Lockheed C-130 which he saw service with, along with some startling facts about the most successful aircraft ever built, 61 years and still in production.

Gerhard demonstrates the vertical retracting mechanism for the main gear of the model he is building.

Detail of Gerhard's C-130 complex main gear retraction mechanism.

Ed Stimpson showed his homemade third hand soldering aid made from clothespins glued on a scrap of 1/2" plywood. In this top view, side blocks keep the jaws from cocking like the loose clothespin on the left. The business ends of the clothespins have been rounded so an accessible flat jaw if formed. The jaws are also notched to keep each wire from cocking when clamped in a jaw. Burn marks are from careless soldering iron positioning. Oops.

A bottom view showing a 1/2" square bar glued to the plywood so the aid can be clamped in a vise with the clothespins horizontal. The clearance to the edge of plywood allows mounting the aid in a vise with the clothespins vertical.

Before clamping the wires in position for soldering, "tin" the stripped ends of the wires by applying heat & solder, but don't solder the wires to anything at this point. "Tinning" the wires will allow them to be soldered together with heat alone. Clamp the wires and bend them so they want to stay in position touching, otherwise they will pop apart as you apply heat. Practice. It takes a steady hand holding the soldering iron to touch both tinned wires without disturbing their position.

Here small wires have been soldered together with heat shrink tubing as a reminder to put it on the wires before the last solder joint.

Soldering a motor wire to a male 3mm bullet connector. Position the wire in the connector socket, apply heat and enough melting solder to fill the socket. Don't forget the heat shrink tubing before soldering the wires.

Soldering an ESC battery wire to a female XT60 connector. By convention, a red wire goes in the socket marked "+" and a black wire in the "-" socket to match the way batteries come from the factory. If you forget the heat shrink tubing before soldering the wires you get to do it over.

Gary Porter shows an enlargement from a Polaroid taken many years ago of his brother, Orson when they went skydiving out of a light plane. Years later, they discovered the parachutes they had used were less than modern even then.

Doug Dorton shows a rechargeable Selfie Light he found on Banggood that would work well as a landing light for a large plane in the Night Fly coming up soon.

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