2018-08-11 UteRC 7-11 Contest

The UteRC Fun Fly this Saturday was a 7-11 contest. A pilot took his plane off when the rolled dice read 7. He then had to land and come to a stop as soon as possible when an 11 was rolled. The pilot with the shortest time in the air won. Flights were disqualified for "lawn-dart landings."

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Fun Fly Coordinator, Rick Marshall, assembling his Fontana, a slick little electric powered pylon racer.

Steve Wilson's recently acquired model of the Decathlon from Raul Alva.

Keith Hiatt avoids the prop blast as he helps Gary Stam run up the motor on his Japanese Zero in preparation for a test flight.

Yours Truly rolling dice for the 7-11 contest.

7-11 Contestant tally sheet with flight times and names. Guest Steve Patterson won the event being in the air only 11.26 seconds between a 7 roll of the dice and an 11.

Gary Stam's Japanese Zero and its cigar smoking pilot who realistically turns his head to look in the direction of rudder deflection and also check for enemy planes attacking out of the sun.

Neatly arranged internals of Gary's Zero.

Details of Steve Patterson's small Cub, repaired many times, but still in good shape.

Gerhard Roos' electric powered Swizzle Stick, from the club members build a year ago, is one of his favorite planes.

Steve Patterson, after having trouble with his small Cub nosing over on the rough field, returns with the Cub to try again, and successfully that time.

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