2018-09-08 UteRC Night Fly, Part 1 Afternoon

Our annual Night Fly began in the late afternoon with some test flights and then a potluck meal was served at dusk.

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Gary Stam's Japanese Zero.

Bob West helping a friend get his Telemaster 40 going, a gift from Raul Alva. Thank you, Raul and Bob, for helping a new person get into the RC hobby. Gary's Japanese Zero in the foreground.

Bob West's Kadet rigged with internal LED lighting and a blinding bright landing light under the belly.

The Telemaster 40 up close with Raul's name still on it.

New owner fixes a fuel line problem on the Telemaster. Then Bob West starts the engine while the new owner hangs on.

With engine running, the Telemaster is positioned on the runway and then takes off with Bob at the controls which he will soon hand off to the new owner on the buddy box for some flight instruction.

Doug Dorton flying his Mavic Spark and then landing it on its take off point.

Gary Stam's Carl Goldgberg Tiger (like a PT-19) a gift from Dick Osborn - thank you Dick. Note the passenger, or is he the pilot?, has been ignored for so long he has passed away - or has experienced a very terrifying flight. Gary remarks the registration number was chosen so it reads the same in normal and inverted flight to avoid spectator confusion.

Ray Jones' brand new Kadet, also with a blinding landing light under the belly, as lighted with many hundreds of exposed colored LED's and white LED's behind red and yellow transparent film covering at dusk. Rumor has it that Ray calls Rocky Mountain Power to warn them when he is charging the batteries for the lights. Just kidding, Ray.

The grim looking pilot of Ray's Kadet had blinking red and green LED sunglasses, but the camera missed the blinks.

Ray stands behind Paul Jones' also brand new Kadet, a sister to Ray's Kadet, and also as lighted with exposed colored LED's and white LED's behind blue, green, and yellow (so it won't be the same as Ray's) transparent film covering at dusk.

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