2018-09-08 UteRC Night Fly, Part 2 Patterns in the Night Sky

Well after dusk when the sky finally turned dark enough for long time exposures, the following images were captured with 15-second exposures of the planes flying with their brightly glowing LED lights making trails in the dark sky.

Clicking on most images will open them full-sized and zoomable in a new window.

Image 52A1271.

Image 52A1272. A couple of early flights before the sky got completely dark. The near vertical red line is the path of a quad going up. This image was shot at 8:52 MDT.

Image 52A1273. On of the big Kadet's takes off with landing lights ablaze at 8:52 MDT. The two white lights are in the pit area, the thin white line is the Walmart distribution center northwest of Grantsville, and the white dot on the horizon between and above these two is the star Antares.

Image 52A1274.

Image 52A1275.

Image 52A1277.

Image 52A1279. Some light trails as the sky finally darkens enough at 9:01 MDT.

Many of the curved flight paths went outside the field of view of the 18mm wide angle lens on the camera and made the path trace incomplete.

Image 52A1280.

Image 52A1281.

Image 52A1282. Last image above shot at 9:02 MDT.

Image 52A1285. This image shot at 9:13 MDT.

Image 52A1286.

Image 52A1287.

Image 52A1288.

Image 52A1289.

Image 52A1290.

Image 52A1291.

Image 52A1292.

Image 52A1293.

Image 52A1294.

Image 52A1295.

Image 52A1296. Last image above shot at 9:18 MDT.

Image 52A1299. This image shot at 9:28 MDT.

Image 52A1300.

Image 52A1301.

Image 52A1302.

Image 52A1303.

Image 52A1304.

Image 52A1305. In this and the following image, the bright white spot is someone with a flashlight walking on the field.

Image 52A1306.

Image 52A1307. The broad steak at lower left are car headlights illuminating the ground across the pit area and past the fence, where a plane has taken off toward the camera.

Image 52A1308.

Image 52A1309.

Image 52A1310.

Image 52A1311.

Image 52A1312. In this and the following images the view point of the camera has been raised so the horizon is below and outside the image.

Image 52A1313.

Image 52A1314.

Image 52A1315.

Image 52A1316.

Image 52A1317. Last image of the evening shot at 9:42 MDT.

Can you determine which of the three big Kadets flying are in which images or even when two of them are in the same image? Which image/s do you like?

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