2018-10-06 USA-UteRC Indoor

Our Indoor Fun Fly with the Utah State Aeromodelers brought out a large 3D-capable ultra-light model from Czechoslovakia.

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A friend of Jim Rhoades, Edward Skorepa, brought his Merlin, a large sheet-foam ultra-light 3D indoor biplane from a kit from Czechoslovakia of 10-years ago. Here it is seen taking a few laps around the church basketball court. Flying surfaces are all very thin sheet foam with no airfoil. The body is made of very thin flexible foam folded over at the top and joined at both sides of a narrow foam bottom. There are no formers and the only stiffening is with thin carbon fiber strips inside midway along each side.

Ed's Merlin showing a unique use of carbon fiber push rods and control horns jointed with heat-shrink tubing to move the control surfaces, in this case the ailerons. The checkerboard pattern in the upper photo is the thin foam belly of the plane.

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