2018-10-11 UteRC Meeting

A wide variety of Show N Tell items were displayed at this UteRC meeting.

Clicking on most images will open them full-sized and zoomable in a new window.

Dick Osborn's big Waco biplane, from an expensive kit.

Whitey White's nitro powered helicopter.

Rick Marshall's small Gee Bee airframe he purchased at a swap meet, the third in his collection of various sized Gee Bees.

James Baer's powered Siren glider a gift he intends to fly on Saturday at the Modelport.

Whitey talks sadly of Jim Buchmann's cancer and asks people to call Jim to cheer him up. He also described his heli.

Rick shows some features of his Gee Bee airframe which will be modified for electric power. He mentioned a Gee Bee is featured in action in the opening scenes of The Rocketeer movie. Google it to find the YouTube clip.

Dick describes his Waco and how well behaved it is to fly.

Tony Naef shows an airplane/heli rack he designed to fit his Subaru Forester. It requires removable legs so he can install the rack in the car.

James Baer describes his electric powered glider.

Ed Skorepa describes his Merlin, a large sheet-foam ultra-light 3D indoor biplane and jokes with the Porter brothers about their prior meetings years ago.

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