2018-11-08 UteRC Meeting

Entertainment for this UteRC meeting was everyone taking a shot at flying a fast 3D biplane using RealFlight 8 on a big-screen TV.

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Whitey White talks about Jim Buchmann's continuing battle with cancer.

Doug Dorton shows a LED lighted set of blades for his Mavic Spark. The hub contains a rechargeable cell, but lights are only along one blade making them somewhat unbalanced.

Entertainment for the evening was everyone getting to fly this fast biplane on the RealFlight 8 Simulator displayed on the big screen TV. Cost of damage from crashes was computed by the program. There were very few uneventful flights.

Keith Hiatt at the Tx controls of the flight simulator.

Everyone in the room is paying close attention to Del Atkinson's flight simulation, the guy nearest the camera holding the Tx. From the expressions on faces he apparently didn't make it back to terra-firma successfully.

One of the relatively less damaging landings of the biplane.

A view from the back of the room as James Baer, standing out of the picture, takes off with a simulated Piper Cub.

Whitey brought a set of floats for his big Cessna 150. Note the steering servo already embedded in the float.

Evan Higgenson concentrates on flying - he has the Tx. The RealFlight software can display an embedded picture of the attitude of the plane even when it's behind trees or too far away. Other features include airframe failure and unexpected power loss options.

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