2018-11-17 USA-UteRC Indoor

Normally we have a lot of quads and filmy Vapors at our joint Indoor Fun Fly events with the Utah State Aeromodelers, but this time George Swanson showed up with a stable of peanut-sized rubber-powered scale indoor free-flight models.

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George Swanson winds up and launches his Miss Peach, the plans were published in the Utah State Aeromodelers' newsletter, The Dope Bucket.

We had four fascinated young visitors with their father and their grandfather who is not a stranger to RC.

George's stable of peanut-sized rubber-powered stick & tissue free-flight models. Included were the two mid-wing "Single Engine Transports" from Guillow, a beautiful little Piper Cub, an orange Rearwin Sportster which George says is the top flyer of the bunch, the yellow Miss Peach seen above, and the red Nesmith Cougar seen below.

George winds his red Cougar for a flight. The planes flew pretty fast, often crashing into walls but just bouncing off undamaged. George commented that he never knew when he built a new model whether it would fly well or not. He just builds them and often gets a sweet flying winner.

George's transportation box for his ultra-light indoor planes.

Two fascinated boys & their younger brother (as well as a bored sister) watch George and his little planes. The open box is transport for the peanut airplanes just set in the box mixed helter skelter however they will fit. They are so light, they don't damage each other.

Keith Hiatt's flying ball, runs along the floor, climbs walls, or just flies like a quad, the thing fascinated the kids as well as Yours Truly.

George's large ultra light climbs to the ceiling girders and roof insulation. It is covered with extremely thin transformer insulation paper.

George watches and waits for the ultra light to run out of power as it continues to circle for a landing.

Jim Rhoades uses the late John Rowland's precision rubber stripper to precisely split a batch of George's 3/16" rubber motor stock into two 3/32" strips.

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