2017-12-13 Evan Higginson's historic UteRC photos (Miscellaneous)

These are copies of Evan Higginson's historic UteRC photos of miscellaneous subjects at various places. If there are members, airplanes, locations, or dates misidentified or unidentified, please let me know so I can correct the captions.

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In his much younger days when he was learning to fly, Evan Higginson crashed when a sudden gust of wind flipped his plane on its back as he was taking off near Dragerton, UT, 10/15/1951. Left hanging upside down in his harness, he managed to unbuckle and crawl out of the wreckage shaken but unhurt!

Evan examining the wreckage of the plane.

Noel Hess, with his model of Wiley Post's Lockheed 5C Vega "Winnie Mae", that Wiley Post flew around the world in 8 days beginning June 23, 1931, story from Wikipedia.

Stormy Mitsui and his crashed plane, but where is this field?

Evan's Garage with hanging planes, before he built his workshop.

A model airplane transport trailer that Evan built for Dick Hansen 10/10/92.

Pylon racer Dick Hansen gave Evan for building the airplane trailer 11/8/1993

Evan's Russian plane in his back yard. "Sotogoal 1997" is written on back of picture.

The same plane on display at the 1999 State Fair.

Evan with a Senior Falcon on floats at State Fair 1999.

Dave Keachie holding Evan's Senior Falcon and Fred Peterson with Evan standing in Fred's big truck that couldn't keep up with Evan's plane (at 72 mph) on the cross country RC airplane race to Wendover 1997.

Evan Higginson showing off with his Falcon at the end of the Cross Country race to Wendover in front of Fred Peterson's crew-cab heavy-duty pickup (with "BG DULI" plates) 5/13/1997. Evan said he rode sitting in the lawn chair in back while he flew the model, but when it caught up and passed the truck he had to stand up and face the wind blowing snot and spit on his face. He had to throttle back until the truck passed the plane and he could sit back down. Mike Passey, at age 12, was along as navigator on the 1979 Wendover race. He & Bob West relate the story in the 2017-02-09 UteRC Meeting Forum Photos post.

Evan with his left hand bandaged after he cut off the end of his index finger and tore up the rest his fingers by swinging his hand thru the propeller arc on a running nitro engine. The severed end of his finger was sewn back on successfully and healed. "Ouch!", he says. 9/18/07.

Evan's P-51 in his back yard 10/2008.

Evan's P-47 on table at Ute Airfield, Lake Point, original orange plastic fence in place.

Evan at Ute Airfield with his Cessna 182 built by Harry Ozawa, 6/1/2009.

Evan with big low-wing pylon racer (a Falcon?) at the Salt Flats field (West of KSL Tower and NW of 104th West and 7th North) 1988.

Bill Harsha's 51 Merc at East Carbon Day car show 2000, Bill was a car nut friend of Evan, not an RC'er.

Hey guys,

I've posted a lot of pictures on our website this year. I'm sure the members would like to see some of your photos, too. Photos from UteRC or out-of town model airplane events, RC or otherwise, are welcome. Let me know and I'll help you get your photos posted for all to see.

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