2017-12-13 Evan Higginson's historic UteRC photos (Float Fly)

These are copies of Evan Higginson's historic UteRC photos of Float Fly events. If there are members, airplanes, locations, or dates misidentified or unidentified, please let me know so I can correct the captions.

Clicking on most images will open them full-sized and zoomable in a new window.

Evan's Cub floating in his swimming pool.

Three float planes, Senorita, Super Sportster, small Piper Cub at Deercreek Reservoir 2000.

Tom Winter, Ken Gardner, Mike Walkenhorst, Steve Baker, Evan with their 5 sport planes on floats at Utah Lake 1997. This doesn't look like Lincoln Beach, where was it?

Jim Balluff at Lincoln Beach with a Cub and a pylon racer on floats. Two RV's and a trailer with frequency board in the background, Jim & Evan were the only people who showed up for the event.

Lincoln Beach 1996, Dave Keachie, Scott Davis with Tx, wading in Utah Lake.

Lincoln Beach 2004, Doug Dorton, Dave Keachie, Steve Baker, Evan Higginson, AJ Carlson, Ken Gardner.

Lincoln Beach 2007, Carl Hammond, (who is the guy with mustache?), and Mike Elsworth at far right.

Lincoln Beach 2007, Joe Young, Mike Elsworth.

Lincoln Beach 2007, Dave Keachie, and his nephew.

Lincoln Beach 2007, Mike Elsworth, Stormy Mitsui (different day than above images?).

Lincoln Beach 2007, Aaron Loertscher, Wade Joos, Joe Young, Mike Elsworth, who?, Steve Baker(?) in shade of truck. Note streamers in wind at right edge of image.

Lincoln Beach 2008, Wade Joos, Bob Mann, Carl Hammond, Randy Holt, Mike Elsworth.

Lincoln Beach 2010, Ken Gardner, Tom Winter, Randy Holt, Ron Aichlmayr, Doug Dorton, Dick Osborn, an Ogden guy, Evan and their 8 Piper Cubs on floats, May 2010.

Eight Cubs on floats at Lincoln Beach, May 2010.

Hey guys,

I've posted a lot of pictures on our website this year. I'm sure the members would like to see some of your photos, too. Photos from UteRC or out-of town model airplane events, RC or otherwise, are welcome. Let me know and I'll help you get your photos posted for all to see.

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