2017-12-13 Evan Higginson's historic UteRC photos (Jordan River ModelPort)

These are copies of Evan Higginson's historic UteRC photos of events at the old Jordan River ModelPort. If there are members, airplanes, locations, or dates misidentified or unidentified, please let me know so I can correct the captions.

Clicking on most images will open them full-sized and zoomable in a new window.

Ray Jones and his beautiful Great Planes(?) Super Aeromaster bipe, never flown until after the May 2015 club meeting where he brought it to Show N Tell, decorated with individually inlayed MonoKote pieces to avoid overlap ridges.

Walt Staff, Bob Mann, Evan Higginson, Stormy Mitsui, Lee Guthrie, Dave Keachie at the Jordan ModelPort.

Planes lined up at Fly-In at Jordan ModelPort Oct 1987.

RC planes on display at Jordan ModelPort 2002. Evan's planes are the Cub on floats, the red and white low wing behind it, the red nosed white Super Cub on the right.

Batch of Team USA planes in pits at ModelPort 2002. Team USA members were AJ Carlson, Doug Dorton, Ken Gardner, Dick Hansen, Stormy Mitsui, Bob West, Mark West, and some more guys - who were they?

Evan's Super Cub and Piper Cub planes at ModelPort 8/1997.

Team USA, Phil Tucker on taxiway, Cub, Flying Lawnmower, pattern plane on right at Jordan ModelPort.

Bob West's A-10 Warthog on display at Jordan ModelPort.

Wade Joos' pretty white biplane and a very small red high-wing plane at Jordan ModelPort.

Jerry Kitchen's Corsair at Jordan ModelPort.

Red Extra 300S pattern ship by Aeroshell and Team USA members at Jordan ModelPort 1997.

Team USA at Jordan ModelPort preparing a big pattern ship.

Evan won an OS 91 at the Jordan River ModelPort 1/1/1997. The frequency board and rules are posted in the background.

Evan with yellow and green Taylorcraft at Jordan ModelPort 1996, photo by Dr. Hugh Wayman.

Stormy Mitsui with his Japanese Zero, Jordan ModelPort 7/25/04.

Dick Osborn and Dave Keachie with planes at Jordan ModelPort. Note the tall skinny stand holding a fuselage.

Dave Keatchie with the same plane and skinny stand at Jordan ModelPort.

Planes at Jordan ModelPort in front of Field Safety Rules sign.

Glen Bennett, holding a plush toy, with one BIG plane sporting German Iron Cross insignia at Jordan ModelPort.

Phil Tucker with his flying lawn mower at Jordan ModelPort 1997.

Dr. Hugh Wayman starting his Mud Duck, a large odd looking T-tail RC model at Jordan ModelPort 1997.

Dr. Hugh Wayman, Chiropractor, and 3 very yellow RC models, little Bumble Bee, Mud Duck, and a giant Big Bird with a wingspan of about 17 feet outside his office on State St. 1997. Note the very little biplane riding on top of Big Bird.

Evan poses with a small Cub at Jordan ModelPort.

Hey guys,

I've posted a lot of pictures on our website this year. I'm sure the members would like to see some of your photos, too. Photos from UteRC or out-of town model airplane events, RC or otherwise, are welcome. Let me know and I'll help you get your photos posted for all to see.

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