UteRC Night Fly Saturday September 28, 2019

Sep 28 2019 5:00 pm

Our annual Night Fly will be at the club's Lake Point field beginning at 5 pm. Steve Wilson will be grilling some goodies to be served about 6 pm. Bring a side dish to share. Be prepared for the cold that will come quickly after the sun goes down.

Beside learning to fly in the dark, the purpose of this fun fly is to photograph the interesting light patterns the planes make at night.

Practice and check flights can be done as time permits as the sky darkens on this Moonless night. Rig your planes with reliable colored LED lights so you can keep track of the plane's attitude in a pitch-black sky. The more acrobatic maneuvers the plane does the better the light pattern. But, if your lighting fails, you will not be able to see the plane to fly and land it. An independent blinking light on the plane will help you find it if the main lighting fails.

Sunset will be at 7:14, but the sky will not be dark enough until 8:46. Because of the long (20 seconds) exposures needed to capture light trail patterns, the sky must be absolutely black. If you can see the horizon to the west, it is not yet dark enough to photograph the light trails.

One last tip: If you fly your plane away from the photographer, then the entire light trail your plane makes can be captured by the camera.

Good luck to all and I hope we can capture some interesting light patterns in the sky this year.

See you there.

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