The Ute R/C Association

The Ute R/C Association is an AMA charter club #2786, with a large and growing membership interested in model aviation. We fly in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area, have a private club field, and participate regionally with nearby clubs. We are active in promoting, supporting, and introducing newcomers to the sport through our free training programs and regular open-to-the-public events. We'd love to meet you and participate in this rewarding sport together.

Our club members are principally interested in powered flight. If slope soaring and sailplanes are your primary interest, please check out our sister club here in Salt Lake: The InterMountain Silent Flyers.

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Club Benefits

  1. The Ute R/C Association leases a wide-open private field on the shores of the Great Salt Lake in Lake Point, Utah, at the old Salt Pointe factory. Although it is salty dirt at the moment, we are continually improving the site, and have a restroom and clubhouse available.
  2. We provide free flight training upon request. Please contact a member of the club presidency to schedule training..
  3. Being a member entitles you to discounts at some local hobby shops.
  4. We run several events per year. Thanks to generous donations by members and hobby shops, we are able to provide very nice raffle prizes.
  5. We also eat together (a lot! Too much, sometimes...) and go on various outings relating to aviation together, like our semi-annual trip to Utah Lake for float flying, and fun-fly events with other nearby clubs.

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Club Information

The Ute R/C Association serves Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah, and Davis counties, with flying sites in Salt Lake City (SLC Modelport - Coming Soon!), Lake Point (club field), and Grantsville (non-AMA field kept in repair by some club members and others). We fly everything from tiny indoor battery-powered helicopters to high-performance turbine jets. Some of us prefer electric, some of us prefer gas or glow power, and many of us fly whatever we can get our hands on. If you come to club meetings, you'll find we share a lot of advice and have a thriving trading community amongst our members, swapping everything from stories to transmitters.


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Flying Events
Barring schedule conflicts, our regular fun-fly events take place every Saturday following the club meeting. Some major events occur on different days; check the Club Calendar for current dates and times.

Most club events begin around 10:00 AM. Events at the (future) SLC Modelport are open to the public, with flying restricted to AMA card-holders. Events at the Ute Airpark are restricted to AMA card-holders and their families only. If you do not have a field key, arrive early and bring your AMA card so that a club member can unlock the gate. Be sure to coordinate with someone who will let you out, as well! If you fly at our field more than three times per year, please consider joining the club.


Please visit our "How to Join" page for dues, field access, and club membership information.

Flying Sites
See this list for flying sites in and around Salt Lake and Tooele Counties.


The club provides aircraft training at the club field upon request. Please contact a member of the club presidency to schedule training.. Our instructors sometimes have club trainer aircraft available for a single training session. However, you are expected to provide your own aircraft, transmitter, fuel, and other supplies. You should expect that the trainer will examine your aircraft prior to takeoff, and may ask you to return another day if your aircraft is not airworthy.
Our training pilots are experienced and fly safely. Although we make every effort to teach you how to prevent accidents, R/C aircraft can cause injury or death if improperly used and are not toys. We cannot guarantee your safety. Fly at your own risk.

Common Flying Times

You will often find club members flying at the Ute Airpark on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and many weekday morning or evenings. We are often easily identified by looking for our red caps, jackets, or other paraphernalia adorned with the Ute R/C logo you see in the upper left-hand corner of this screen.

Lately, we spend more and more time at our club field due to crowding in other venues. The beautiful thing about having our own field is that we can enforce our courtesy and safety rules, and you'll find flying at Lake Point a pleasure even when a bunch of us are out there having a good time.

Other Utah R/C Clubs

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I was informed that the club no longer offers discounted glue. The fuel, on the other hand, is a great deal!


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Upcoming events

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