Field Photos

Wade emailed me some aerial photos of the club field. I'm not certain who took them, although I think it was Dave S. Anyway, here they are! Click "read more" if you don't see click-able thumbnails of the photos below.

IMG_1807.JPG1.45 MB
IMG_1808.JPG1.57 MB
IMG_1809.JPG1.77 MB
IMG_1810.JPG1.65 MB
IMG_1811.JPG1.92 MB

field photo's photographer's name correction.

I think these particular photos were taken by Joey from his ultrlight powerchute because I can see the control rope in one of the shots. Great photo's Joey!!! Thanks!!!

Dave S. has been taking video with his small camera that he has mounted in a couple of planes and I am still waiting/wanting to see those as well.

Right on!

Way to go, Randy, that story rings a bell.

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