Pylon Racers

I'm building the Lanier Predator II ARF for NURCAC's summer schedule of Quickie 500 racing. I'm assuming they will be having races again this year :)

Anyway, do you have a pylon racer? It would be fun to set up an impromptu flight of these high-speed birds for one of our fun-fly events this spring. Sure, we won't be racing, but we could just have some fun zipping around the field at scary speeds!

Pylon racing

I am interested in doing some racing too. We'll have to get together and set something up.Give me a call,801-699-5543

Some links


Nice talking to you on the phone. Here are a few links.

1. Fly combat? They do all summer long down in Utah County: Foamy combat, very fun to watch and participate in. Build 'em beefy, this is full-contact combat!
2. Fly Q500? NURCAC is the home for Q500 near Salt Lake City: . Last year's results: . Rules: . If I recall correctly, the current motor rule is "less than $100 retail", which seems to cover most choices, and not the specific list from the 2005 competition. And the engine surrender rule keeps costs down. Remember the rule for Q500 is now 3.75lbs minimum.
3. Fly peanut-scale? Try Utah Valley Aeromodelers. They fly GWS warbird specialty pylon down in Utah County:

This year, I only want to try Q500 as my budget is pretty small and largely sucked up by my helicopters :) I've thought it would be fun if the Utes could sponsor some sort of racing one year, but I'm fairly certain you or I would have to be the one to do the heavy lifting!

Here's what I have available to compete (not complete yet, though):
* Lanier Predator II ARF. This is a well-made, beautiful ARF for $100.
* OS .40 engine... it's old, used, and cost less than $100 when new I'm sure. I think they'll let me race since I will suck so bad :) Stock mufflers are the only ones allowed.
* Hitec HS-225BB servos for the V-tail... at over 100MPH, even with only 1/32" deflection, there's a lot of strain and you want strong servos.
* JR DS825 digital servo for the ailerons.
* NiCD 4-cell battery pack.
* Lanier Dominator kit and Supertigre .40 engine. Still just sticks in a box, but I have the other parts once I complete it. The Dominator is the kit form of the Predator ARF.

If I recall correctly, things like fuel bladders (to avoid going lean at the end of the tank) and other enhancements aren't allowed... this is least-common-denominator racing.

The Great Planes Viper is also a popular competitor at this price point.

I would also enjoy seeing like a Jett .46 on a 10x6 prop tear the sky up... but although it would be fun as all get out, it's not allowed for competition. Not to mention that I think a Jett .46 would rip the wings off a Predator or Viper at full speed if you don't reinforce them with some carbon on the top of the wing.

Let's plan on some time next month (March 2007) to fly in the later afternoon at the Ute field? We'll need to close the course to other traffic if we're going to fly circles, so maybe we will just fly normally and work on our circles up at the NURCAC field. They have open flying days for pylon practice, usually the day before the match I think. Practice your dead-stick landings, these girls fly FAST even at idle!

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