Flaperon troubles

Have any of you guys run into problems with flaperons? I'm at the end of my rope, and am almost ready to just go with a Y-connector for my ailerons instead.

So I have a Futaba 6exa radio, using a Hitec receiver. I've used this receiver in other planes, and no troubles. However, the previous ones were rudder/elevator, and an elevon ship. I'm trying out the flaperon function, and it seems to work OK except for one problem. I can use the flaps with my flap knob, no problem; they'll extend fully, and I can use endpoint adjustment without issues.

But when I use my right stick to indicate a roll, just one aileron will deflect, and then only down. So, for instance, if I want to roll right, my left aileron will deflect downward (correct movement), but my right won't change at all except for a slight twitch. Ditto for a left roll, but reversed: the right aileron will deflect downward, but the left won't deflect upward.

This is my first time flying a full four-channel bird. I've been on three-channel birds for a year, and handle elevons, aileron/elevator, and rudder/elevator just fine with my other ships.

The only other odd symptom is that if the flaperon function isn't engaged on my transmitter, the right (viewed from the top, front side up) wing aileron will be level, but the left will deflect up.

Very weird behavior. But I'm pretty certain it's something that I'm doing wrong. I certainly don't want to maiden this bird with this kind of oddness going on!


OK, so I was bugged agbout this enough that I stayed up late (really late) to figure out the problem.

It turns out that the 6exap transmitter (part of my 6exas system) needs both Flaperons AND Flap Trim to be enabled in order for ailerons to work correctly. Of course, at 0% Flap Trim, your flaps don't work at all and you only have ailerons. Not a big deal on this ship, but on heavier birds it may matter more.

So what this means is that I have to adjust my preferred Flap Trim in prior to centering my servo arms on a bird running flaperons that are going to be used as both flaps and ailerons. What a pain that is! The servo arms were perfectly centered when everything was on its default setting. How weird that I have to have my transmitter dialed in prior to mounting my servos.

Or, in this case, that I get to go back and rip wing panels off in order to adjust the arms now that I have flaperons AND flap trim enabled...

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